Specialized Task-Tracking App “ThingsToDo”

Presenting ThingsToDo!


A specialty to-do-list app made for tasks that go beyond the regular ‘check and remove’

Full  Version Link
Free Version Link

This app offers to-do-lists for

  1. Progress-based tasks
    • Examples: TV show tracking, book chapters read
  2. Regular checklist tasks
  3. Grouped tasks that can be done in any order
    • Examples: Grocery lists, weekly chores
Note: ThingsToDo is only available for Android


Please see below for usage details!

Usage Information

Table of Contents:

  1. Progress-based tasks
  2. Note tasks
  3. Task Panels
  4. Adding and Saving a New Task
  5. Options and Sorting
  6. Categories
  7. Contact details

1. Progress-based tasks

Tasks whose statuses can be tracked numerically.

  • You can customize a task’s start/end/increment size to your specific needs!
  • Don’t know when a task ends? That’s okay! The end can be unknown.


2. Note tasks

  • Standard checkbox –style task tracking so that all your to-do-lists can be neatly packaged in one place!


3. Task Panels

  • Tasks that can be grouped under a category and be done in any order.
  • Useful for batches of tasks done repeatedly!


4. Adding and Saving a New Task

  • Add and save buttons are always in the top right for all task types


5. Options and Sorting

  • Tap and holding task names and progress bars will open up options menus


6. Categories

  • Progress and Note tasks feature category images on the far left
  • Categories can be used for sorting, mass deleting, mass resetting
  • 20+ category images are available in the premium version of ThingsToDo


7. Contact details

Please email and questions, concerns, bugs, etc to li.andrew.warner@gmail.com


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