Music Library Search & Tag Program “DJ Helper”


An associate of mine, who does work as a DJ, approached me with a minor problem which frequently arises during his work. He mentioned that when playing a medley of songs, each song has only a handful of other songs which are ‘viable’ to follow up with (due to same ending beat, rhythm, theme, etc). Instead of memorizing or writing down a list, he wanted to be able to rapidly search through his music library and add n amount of custom tags to a particular song.

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Specialized Task-Tracking App “ThingsToDo”

Presenting ThingsToDo!


A specialty to-do-list app made for tasks that go beyond the regular ‘check and remove’

FullĀ  Version Link
Free Version Link

This app offers to-do-lists for

  1. Progress-based tasks
    • Examples: TV show tracking, book chapters read
  2. Regular checklist tasks
  3. Grouped tasks that can be done in any order
    • Examples: Grocery lists, weekly chores
Note: ThingsToDo is only available for Android


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About This Blog

About This Blog

This blog will detail and advertise any of my works that I have released to the public.

I am a developer with 1 year of coding experience, primarily in Java. Right now I am focusing on developing apps for Android.

Please look forward to future updates and releases!